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C 200


The Entry - Class Calorimeter of the 21st

  Tired of the 1950’s Calorimeter technology?
Ask for our special University discounted price.
The unit combines manual operation for educational and partially automated operation for research purposes.
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C 2000


The Best Seller

  Engineered in Germany, designed for the highest possible ease of maintenance at an unbelievably low price. The automated and new standards setting instrument for the industry.
Works according to all commom Calorimeter ASTM Standards.
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C 5000


It's THE BOMB! The most versatile -

  Need to compare your results with other international Standards in the world?

Our C 5000 is the only automated Calorimeter that operates in all 3 major calorimeter measurement modes (adiabatic, isoperibolic
and dynamic) at an almost unbelivable preicision and accuracy.

C 200 Calorimetersystem

C 200-System consists of the following components: Measuring cell C 200 Decomposition vessel C 5010 Oxygen filling station C 248 Consumables for calibrations and installation S [read more...]

Ident. No.
C 2000 basic version 1

The C 2000 basic IKA- calorimeter is a combustion calorimeter for determining gross calorific values of liquid and solid samples. A high level of automation with extremely simple handli [read more...]

Ident. No.
C 2000 basic version 2

The C 2000 basic IKA- calorimeter is a combustion calorimeter for determining gross calorific values of liquid and solid samples. A high level of automation with extremely simple handli [read more...]

C 5000 control package 1/10

The IKA® calorimeter C 5000 control is the only calorimeter in the world that offers a free selection of 3 working methods: Thus it is possible to perform determinations of gross calo [read more...]

Ident. No.

The bomb calorimeter C 2000 basic / control is the latest system from IKA ® for determining gross calorific values of liquids and solid fuels. During the development of this bomb calorimeter, great importance was placed on user-friendliness and on simple and fast maintenance.

A higher level of automation with extremely simple handling characterizes this device. In addition to the isoperibolic measurement procedure, a dynamic (reduced-time) working method is also available for the user. Different working temperatures can be selected for both procedures based on the conditions of the experiment.

Both the device technology and the measurement procedure are approved by DIN 51900, ASTM 240D, ISO 1928 and BSI. In combination with special halogen-resistant decomposition vessels of the C 5012 series, quantitative decompositions can be performed in parallel to the analysis of gross calorific value to determine halogen and sulfur content.

To provide a supply of cooling water, the C 2000 bomb calorimeter is connected with a standard commercially available thermostat or with an appropriate permanently installed water connection.

The C 2000 basic bomb calorimeters are equipped with a very convenient operating panel through which operation of the device takes place. The graphical display with active back lighting displays the appropriate status messages. The temporal course of a measurement that has been started and all current parameters of the weighed in sample can be constantly monitored and are arranged to be clearly visible.

The C 2000 bomb calorimeter control variant is delivered from the factory already complete with the well known and proven C 5040 Calwin calorimeter software. Control of the system takes place via a PC or Notebook that is connected with the C 2000 calorimeter via a serial interface. The required interface cable is included with delivery (PC or notebook are not included in the delivery package).Best Replica Watches

Library functions and various correction modes make it possible to call up measurements that have already been performed at any time and to edit post experiment parameters. The C 2000 basic / control calorimeter is equipped with a separate service menu that allows for fast access to individual maintenance functions and testing of basic system data. Connections for analysis scale, printer, sample rack for identifying and managing samples are already integrated into the basic device.

The network connection and the special configuration for data exchange can be implemented at any time with LIMS.

The individual functions
Device approval according to DIN 51900, ASTM 240D, ISO 1928, BSI etc.
Compact, integrated modular design
Working method: isoperibolic, dynamic
Working temperature 25 °C or 30 °C (adjustable)
Automatic filling of decomposition vessel with oxygen
Cooling water supply via water supply line / thermostat
(thermostat see accessories)
Interfaces for scale and printer
Interfaces for PC keyboard and monitor
Interface for connecting the C 5020 sample rack (sample management system)
User-friendly and menu-driven software
Special decomposition vessel for halogen and sulfur analysis is available
Can be controlled via Calwin for Windows calorimeter software
  ( accessory for Basic version and C 2000 extended device)
If a multiple interface card is used, as many as eight measuring cells can be
   controlled by a single PC (Multical).

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